iOS Build from Jenkins – ResourceRules.plist: Can not read resources error fix

I stumbled upon this issue in past as well. But now when I was setting up a new build server, I encountered this very same issue where my CI via Jenkins is having issues pushing the App to Hockey store. This issue is because the way App Store works and does not accept any builds/Apps having any resourceRules things. Ironically, the XCode somehow living in the stone age and generates the build with this resource rules stuff and stuffs it up.

There are so many fixes available on all the forums, but the mos reliable I found is to fix the darn XCode thing.

You need to open the PackageApplication file from the XCode bundle in some code editor (I used sublime) and remove one line. That’s it. Read more ›

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Serilog – Add timed operations to audit method duration

Using Serilog is a bliss. There is one good thing I like about this is to use the Serilog.Metrics nuGet package to put some timed logging around the operation which can further be used for Audting purposes during optimization or code refactoring.

Here is the syntax for using this feature (notice the using block) : Read more ›

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Missing Function definitions in Jasmine Karma testing – Not a function

I have been struggling such issues in past as well and every time after fixing those petty issues, I usually forgot about them until they come back to bite me again. Recently, I faced an issue where a JavaScript test (Jasmine with Karma) was complaining about

So here is the fix which I applied to make sure my test case integrity is unharmed.

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Android app crashes on docking and undocking to Pogo charger

Pogo Charger Cradle

Pogo charger cradle for Samsung Galaxy 8 Active

Recently, we were reported about an issue where the Android app was seemingly crashed as soon as the Device (Samsung Galaxy 8 Active to be specific) was mounted or unmounted on to the cradle with Pogo charger. Those who are unaware of Pogo charger, it is an after market charging alternative which claims to speed up the device charging up to 40% faster and more.

At first sight, it looks like some issue with user settings or something funny like that but upon testing we found it to be the case.

There were no such incidents reported over internet or any such solutions in sight as well. Even Samsung reported about such incidents been reported to them via support calls.

Root cause: This is the case where the docking/undocking of the device on to the cradle i.e. Pogo charger connect or disconnect, caused “android.intent.action.CONFIGURATION_CHANGED” event to be broadcasted to the application and caused refresh and in some cases even crashing the app.

Our app is hybrid app compiled with Cordova but that’s immaterial as the issue was happening at operating system level. This can be fixed very easily if the handling for the “uiMode” been specified in the Android manifest. That’s it. Really.

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Flight times to famous destinations from Australia and best time to visit them

Australia Flight Times

Want to know how long your flight time will be when flying from Australia?
Calculate your travel destination arrival time using popular travelers guide to average flight durations from Australia to a selection of international airports, plus a guide to the best time of year to travel to those countries…

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