Flight times to famous destinations from Australia and best time to visit them

Australia Flight Times

Want to know how long your flight time will be when flying from Australia?
Calculate your travel destination arrival time using popular travelers guide to average flight durations from Australia to a selection of international airports, plus a guide to the best time of year to travel to those countries…


CountryPlaceFlight time from Sydney, Australia (in hours)Best time to travel
England (UK)London Heathrow, England (UK)21May – October
USA (New York)New York, USA (New York)20All year round (but hot in July & August)
ArgentinaBuenos Aires, Argentina13September – November, March – May
AustriaVienna, Austria23November – April
BahamasNassau, Bahamas23November – April
Barbados (Caribbean)Christ Church, Barbados (Caribbean)20November – April
BelgiumBrussels, Belgium22May – September
BrasilSao Paulo, Brasil17May – September
CanadaToronto, Canada21May – September
ChinaBeijing, China13April – October (but wet in July & August)
CyprusPaphos, Cyprus21All year round
EgyptCairo, Egypt18October – May
England (UK)Manchester, England (UK)24May – September
FijiNadi, Fiji4May – September
FinlandLapland, Finland23May – November
FranceParis, France21May – September
GermanyBerlin, Germany24May – September
GreeceAthens, Greece20April – October
HungaryBudapest, Hungary24May – October
IndiaDelhi, India13November – March
IndonesiaJakarta, Indonesia8June – September
IrelandDublin, Ireland24June – September
ItalyRome, Italy23April – October
JapanTokyo, Japan9April – May, October – November
KenyaNairobi, Kenya23August – March
MaltaLuqa, Malta26All year round
MauritiusPlaisance, Mauritius15May – November
MexicoCancun, Mexico21November – June
NetherlandsAmsterdam, Netherlands21May – September
PolandWarsaw, Poland19May – September
PortugalLisbon, Portugal22March – October
RussiaMoscow, Russia20May – August
Scotland (UK)Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)25June – September
SeychellesMahé, Seychelles20May – September
SingaporeSingapore, Singapore7All year round (but wet in November & December)
South AfricaJohannesburg, South Africa12September – May
SpainMadrid, Spain20April – October
SwedenStockholm, Sweden21June – September
SwitzerlandZurich, Switzerland17May – September
ThailandBangkok, Thailand9November – April
TurkeyIstanbul, Turkey20April – September
UAEDubai, UAE13December – March
USA (Hawaii)Honolulu, USA (Hawaii)10February – November
USA (Nevada)Las Vegas, USA (Nevada)17All year round

This data represents the quickest achievable flight time between destinations and assumes minimal delays between transfers. Flight duration may also vary according to direction of travel and, in these cases, the flying time listed is for the fastest direction.

Note that faster flight times may become available as new airlines, aircraft or routes become available. Also note that actual travel times may be longer due to taxiing at airports, queuing for flight slots and so on.

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Tax related tips for property investors

As per my research on internet,  about how property investors should be approaching and optimising their planning for tax season, I found the following tips and thought of sharing it here. Even for me ti is easy to read from here instead of searching again on google.

1. Initial repairs

A common mistake is to claim initial repairs or capital improvements as an immediate deduction. Initial repairs to rectify damage, defects or deterioration that existed at the time of purchasing a property are generally considered capital in nature and not deductible, even if conducted to make the property suitable for renting.

A better approach could be to claim depreciation on this expenditure as a capital works deduction over 40 years.

2. Prepay interest

If you are expecting that you will have a lower income next year (due to factors such as maternity leave or redundancy), it is suggested not prepaying interest for up to 12 months in advance before year end on your rental property, thereby reduce your higher income.

3. Depreciation schedule

If your investment property was built after 18 July 1985 it is recommended organising a depreciation schedule from a quantity surveyor. You should be able to recoup their fee in your first tax return as deductions can be in the thousands each year.

4. Travel to see your property

What about claiming trips to see your investment? The old wives’ tale of claiming two trips per year is hogwash. You can claim as many trips as you like so long as the purpose of the trip is to genuinely inspect the property and you don’t tag a family holiday onto it.

5. PAYG Withholding Variation

If you’re negatively gearing a property and have struggled with cash flow in the last year, a good tip is to consider a “mini-tax return” called a PAYG Withholding Variation Application, and have less tax taken out of each pay packet.

6. Foreign investment properties

The ATO is cracking down on taxpayers with properties overseas as they get more data each year from other tax jurisdictions. Make sure that you disclose any income that you receive as you are taxed on worldwide income as an Australian tax resident. These properties can be potentially ‘negatively geared’ as you can claim deductions such as interest, repairs, rates and insurance on these properties.

7. Keep your receipts

Each year the ATO makes contact with thousands of taxpayers who own rental properties to more closely inspect their claims.

With the ATO increasing their audit activity this year yet again it is important that you can explain and justify your claim. The ATO motto is no receipt = no deduction so you could be costing yourself $$$ by not keeping those dockets!

8. Minimise capital gains tax (CGT)

If you are trying to sell your property and cement a nice capital gain, consider exchanging contracts after 1 July to defer tax for another year.

And remember that if you hold your investment property for more than 12 months you reduce CGT by half!

9. Get a great accountant

And the final tip is to surround yourself with top people. It’s one we hear again and again – and the results are clear.

“Great accountants are like surveyors … they know where the boundaries are.”

(And their fees are tax deductible).

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App does not work with lower iOS version in XCode

Sometimes we find this very annoying that the new App is working only for some specific iOS version and not working for others. This a very common issues faced by many.

In this case, two things that you can do here :

  • Deployment target to the minimum version you support
  • MinimumOSVersion key value in Info.plist file


Setting target version in XCode

Setting target version in XCode

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Mocking a property in a class using spyOn in JavaScript unit Tests

So many times, I have struggled to mock a property on a class in JavaScript and have found it very difficult to locate some precise examples. So here is the go. We can use the Object.defineProperty method to mock a property on any given class and can mock its value for our tests. See below:

Object.defineProperty(myClassName, ‘myPropertyName’, { value: mock, configurable: true, enumerable: true, writable: true });


Here it assumes you have a class called “myClassName” in which you want to mock the property called “myPropertyName”. Just use the key-value pair to suit your needs and if it is going to be configurable in your use cases, make configurable : true.

In my case, I used something like :

Object.defineProperty(truthTakers.localNews, ‘maxLocalNewsSize’, { value: 25 });


Happy coding

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Truth Takers App is here !

The iOS app for news related to Nawanshahr (Shaeed Bhagat Singh Nagar) Punjab (India) is available at iTunes now. Download and get connected to your city guys.

See it in action here :




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